Atmospheric Sciences (English-Chinese) dictionary. 2014.

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  • cirro-cumulus — cirrˈo cūˈmūlus noun (pl cirrˈo cūˈmūlī) A cloud of small white flakes or ripples (also called mackerel sky) • • • Main Entry: ↑cirrus …   Useful english dictionary

  • Cloud — For other uses, see Cloud (disambiguation). Cumulus cloudscape over Swifts Creek, Australia A cloud …   Wikipedia

  • List of cloud types — Clouds are formed in Earth s atmosphere when water evaporates into vapor from oceans, lakes, and ponds or by evapotranspiration over moist areas of Earth s land surface. The vapor rises up into colder areas of the atmosphere due to convective,… …   Wikipedia

  • Cloud physics — Atmospheric sciences Aerology …   Wikipedia

  • cirrocumulus — cirrocumular, cirrocumulative /sir oh kyooh myeuh lay tiv, leuh tiv/, cirrocumulous, adj. /sir oh kyooh myeuh leuhs/, n., pl. cirrocumulus. a cirriform cloud of a class characterized by thin, white patches, each of which is composed of very small …   Universalium

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